9th August 2018 - No Comments!

User experience design is a whole team sport

“The role of a researcher is to haunt an organisation with with the needs of the user”

It’s difficult to feel the tension between yourself and other team members when you have differing ideas about how products should be built. Standing up for user’s needs is sometimes seen as an inconvenience when battling against crushing development deadlines. It’s even more difficult to feel this way when user experience isn’t valued as highly as it should be.

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3rd March 2018 - No Comments!

The Design of Organised Chaos: How Scotland’s Tactics lead to this wonder try in the 2018 Calcutta Cup Rugby match v England

As a Scotland Rugby fan, I have waited a long time for us to beat England in the way we did in the 2018 Six Nations Championship. Having not scored a try against England at Murrayfield since 2004, we managed to score three before half-time. This was down to a combination of factors including the speed of play, the way the team trains, and the way players think. Although it may seem hard to believe, Scotland's organised chaos is all done by design and comes from the mind of Gregor Townsend.

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18th February 2018 - No Comments!

The Books I Read In 2017

The books I read in 2017 perfectly illustrate where my head was at last year. They're a sign of what my learning priorities were, and what inspired me. In this retrospective article I'm not going to give a review any of these books, but rather I'm going to talk about the effect they have had on my habits, skills, outlook and attitude.

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2nd June 2017 - No Comments!

The Agile Product Development Rock Band

Throughout my teenage years I played the guitar and sang in a few different bands, and I even tried my hand at being a singer/songwriter. Reflecting on those experiences now as a Product Manager, I can see many similarities in the way Agile product and software development teams work compared to a rock band.

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12th May 2017 - No Comments!

10 things I have learnt from my website re-design

Over the past couple of months I have set about re-designing my website, which includes my portfolio of design work from 2014 onwards. My goal was to create a central hub for my projects and articles, where other designers could view my portfolio and find out more about me. I approached my website re-design like any other design project, and as such, I have learnt a lot along the way. This is an article of my ten key takeaways.

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